Control Type 2 naturally!

New Formula - Now Available!!

100% Organic Tea!

Introducing our New Formula!!

Milagro De La Selva tea has been used for decades to help people control their Type 2.


   Helps Regulate Type 2

   Balanced Levels

   Feel Better

   More Energy

   Powerful Herb That Tastes Great!


Dr. Alberto Ruiz

Head of Research and Development

Dr. Alberto Ruiz, a naturopathic physician in Guatemala, has found yet another miracle in the jungle. It's made from 2 native plants: Tecoma Stans, and Banaba - Both proven to have incredible health benefits.The Milagro De La Selva tea has been available in 5 countries in central america since 1998 and is now available in the United States.

Tony Ruiz

Head of operations

Tony, the Senior Operations manager in Guatemala said: "Being part of a company that helps society overcome such a big obstacle (one like people struggling with Type 2) makes it all worth it. I'm so excited to introduce the New Formula because I know people are going to love it!"

"I urge you to try the tea, You won't regret it!"

Charlotte Evans

"A wonderful flavored tea and I'd recommend it to anyone!"

Rebeca Smith

"I noticed a difference within 2 weeks of drinking the tea"

Elaine Bailey

100% Organic Tea

Our blend includes: Tecoma Stans, Banaba, Fenugreek and Cinnamon Bark. Know anyone with Type 2? Help change someones life for only $19.97


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